Training Courses

The training courses of SRIVI are going to offer full-time courses and skill-upgrade courses. The full-time courses are aimed to those students who completed the Middle basic education and who prefer more hands-on practical education than theoretical academic education. The skill-upgrade courses are aimed for the adult learners as well as employers and employees, who wish to upgrade their skill sets.

Full-Time Programmes

SRIVI will offer the 2 year full-time courses to those students, who have completed the lower secondary education (Middle School graduates) and are above the age of 16. That specification will match with the mission statement of SRIVI to train the skillful laborers and professionals. The entry requirements differ for the various courses and the admission is based on merit and choice of the students.

Entrance Requirement

Commitment by the student is an integral part of any educational program. The student who is committed to what he or she endeavors to achieve, will succeed. The student who cannot commit, will not succeed, and is thus generally at a higher risk of dropping out. What the student needs is a curriculum applicable to his or her particular interest and hence, the students will be provided short introductory classes on the various vocational courses offered in SRIVI to widen the knowledge of the students and to discover their passion.

Our full-time programme (long-term courses) aims to equip the graduates for a successful and rewarding career and therefore, it is important that our students graduate at the right age to join the work force legally. Otherwise, the graduates will be wandering around before joining the industry and this will defeat the purpose of SRIVI.

Scholarship for Full-time Students

Our full-time students will be provided a student hostel equipped with internet access and the students from less-fortunate backgrounds, who demonstrate great interests towards the programme will be on full scholarship to fund the studies. These students will be provided meal allowance as well as employment opportunities to work part-time in the business engaged by the Commercial office.
The scholarship program is mainly aimed for students from the rural areas and widespread regions such as Kachin, Chin and Rakhine States.

Skill-Upgrade Program

Skill-upgrade programmes are for adult learners or companies looking to upgrade the skills and knowledge of their employees. SRIVI will provide a wide range of short courses tailored for different skills and academic levels to help adult learners to remain competitive in the new economy by upgrading the skills to meet the demands of the employers. The duration of the courses can vary from 1week introductory course to the 6 month skill – level courses in the fields of FOOD TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS, SERVICE, HOSPITALITY and ENGINEERING.

The entry requirement of these courses will vary depending on the level of the courses, but one of the criteria is that the adult learners must be at least 18 years old. The academic level requirement can be primary or secondary. SRIVI will also offer the in-house training for the industries and this can be one of the financial resources for the institute.

Based on the results obtained through the Economic and labor market analysis as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, the SRIVI will offer the vocational training for FOOD TECHNOLOGY, IT, CONSTRUCTION, MANUFACTURING, BUSINESS, SERVICES and HOSPITALITY under 3 different departments: (1) Department of Business and Services, (2) Department of Hospitality and (3) Department of Engineering

School of Engineering

In recent years, the demand for engineering courses has changed rapidly. While in-depth job specific skills are important for the adult learners and the workers who want to upgrade the skills for their existing work requirement, it is vital to fit the students with broader skills and knowledge in analyzing and resolving complex technical problems.

Employment Engagement

A couple of senior staff under the Commercial Manager will be dedicated for the career counselling and employment engagement of the graduates. The staff will work closely not only the local industrial partners as well as with regional and global industries. The career fair, the industrial visit and the industrialized competition will be organized to attracts more industries and enhance the employment opportunities of the graduates. The Career counseling officer will also work with the student body, industrial associations and UMFCCI.